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Corporate social responsibility is no longer just a topic for discussion, but a fact. And climate issues have become so pervasive that there is a widespread commitment to carbon reduction. Businesses are thus embracing more environmentally friendly practices, and designing green offices is the first step in this transformation process.


In this article, we share with you our tips for designing sustainable offices that are comfortable and above all eco-friendly.

1. Going paperless

We are in a constant race against time and our old habits sometimes take over us. Ask yourself for a minute: does this document absolutely have to be printed? do you really need that envelope? how about a digital agenda? an electric hand dryer for your toilet? Our paper consumption can be drastically reduced if we ask ourselves the right questions at the right time.

There will inevitably be times when printing is the only option. Even then, there are always ways to reduce your impact on the environment, including printing in black and white when colour is not necessary. You can also print double-sided to save paper and set your printer to economy mode to use less ink or toner.

2. Reducing and recycling waste

Producing waste is unavoidable for businesses but you can encourage your employees to reduce and recycle it. To do so, provide sorting bins in your office, use soluble coffee or recyclable caps instead of single-use ones, choose mugs instead of disposable cups and use 100% recycled paper for printing – there are plenty of alternatives!

3. Using green cleaning products

Your employees spend most of their time in the office, so you need to make sure that their workspaces are clean at all times. By choosing sustainable products for your office cleaning, you will maintain the hygiene of the premises, promote respect for the environment and protect your employees’ health.

4. Using renewable energy

Offices consume a lot of energy: lighting, air conditioning, electrical equipment, etc. By choosing a building powered by renewable energy, you will reduce your carbon footprint and your consumption while saving on your bills. Use natural light and lighting!

5. Making optimum use of natural light

Improper lighting can cause eye strain and headaches. On the other hand, natural light improves comfort and productivity while reducing energy consumption. When designing your office, remember to turn your desks towards the windows for maximum use of daylight!

Also, remember to keep artificial lighting off as long as there is enough natural light. And make sure to switch off the lights before leaving the office.

6. Choosing environmentally friendly furniture

It is a great alternative to take an eco-friendly approach by using materials that are recycled or from certified sustainable sources. You can also source from local artisans or use second-hand furniture: these options will allow you to rely on short distribution channels and promote more sustainable and responsible consumption.

7. Greening the workspace

Greening the workspace is a great way to create a welcoming and friendly environment. In addition to providing beautiful decoration, green spaces purify the air, promote employee well-being and make the workspace look more spacious and bright.

Oficea’s green projects

Oficea is concerned with sustainability and climate change issues, and promotes a series of “green actions” to get employees to change their consumption habits. An overview of past, present and future projects!

Projects underway…

In recent years, Oficea has equipped itself with:


  • 1,720 m2 of solar panels, installed on the roofs of ENL House and the Piazza at Vivéa Business Park to supply the surrounding offices with electricity;
  • waste sorting bins in the common areas of all its offices at Bagatelle Office Park, Telfair and Vivéa Business Park. Monthly collection is carried out by Green Impact;
  • reusable containers to replace disposable takeaway containers in ENL’s cafeteria and for delivery services;
  • and more recently, Oficea  partnered with The Good Shop to fit out its upcoming Conciergerie with furniture made from second-hand materials

…and in the pipeline

In the near future, Oficea is planning to install new photovoltaic panels on the roofs of office buildings such as The Pod, The Factory and The Gardens, as well as selective sorting bins for plastic, paper and general waste to help reach the goal of 75% recycled waste by June 2023.


In the main buildings, taps and urinals that automatically turn on and off through sensors will reduce water wastage and enable savings. The Zakadi restaurant is also taking part in this initiative by putting its organic waste into a “BioBin” for composting.

And to promote green mobility, Oficea is encouraging cyclists, joggers, pedestrians and slide sport enthusiasts to use the 5.5km-long Promenade between the Telfair, Helvétia and Vivéa neighbourhoods to go to work

Renting LEED-certified offices

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design: LEED. This acronym stands for a system that rates the environmental responsibility of buildings. The goal of this certification programme is to minimise the environmental footprint without compromising the superior quality of the buildings.


Oficea has been committed to designing LEED-compliant offices since 2018. Its portfolio includes the first LEED-certified buildings in Mauritius (one last LEED space is available for rent at The Dot) and all Oficea buildings in Moka Smart City, which will receive this certification in the coming years.

In addition, Grade A buildings such as Les Fascines reflect Oficea’s ambitions to create environmentally responsible work environments. With some 8,675 sqm of available space, Les Fascines is a brand-new office complex with more ergonomic workspaces, close proximity to everyday conveniences and a wide choice of offices that you can find here

Book your private office now in one of Oficea’s LEED-certified buildings!

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