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Prime retail space in the heart of Moka Smart City

The place you choose to set up a business can greatly contribute to its success. Are you looking to rent commercial space in Mauritius? An option to consider is Telfair, the upcoming city centre of Moka and a trendy, strategic location. An ENL group subsidiary, Oficea has a handful of prime commercial spaces for retailers in the smart city.

Telfair, the vibrant city centre of Moka

Oficea has teamed up with the best international placemakers to create the perfect balance between live, work and play in Telfair. Its residential developments, office spaces and coworking spaces attract a steady flow of visitors to the shops, restaurants, bars and cafes in the neighbourhood. They all create traffic for each other.

Oficea offers street-front space for retailers in the heart of this unique city concept in Mauritius, inspired by major international destinations. Lively, covered shopping sidewalks are spread out along La Promenade, the large pedestrian avenue between Helvétia and Telfair. Oficea’s retail spaces are actually located on the ground floor of its developments, with direct street access.

A few steps away from Oficea’s buildings, various activities (Zumba, yoga, Bodycombat, etc.) are organised every day along La Promenade and at the Telfair Amphitheatre. These initiatives lend a lively and dynamic atmosphere 24/7 to the area!

By choosing Oficea’s spaces in Telfair to set up your business, you will have the advantage of accessibility. The city centre enjoys a strategic location with very good public transport connections. Discussions are underway to have a Metro Express station there. Telfair is also a five-minute drive from Ebene or Bagatelle.

There are plenty of vibrant experiences in Telfair!

The ultimate shopping destination in the heart of Mauritius

Moka Smart City is the most advanced of its kind on the island. Through its vision, it has certainly taken the greatest strides towards creating a more modern and dynamic city in recent years.

Moka Smart City has:
  • 26,000 residents;
  • 1,500 businesses; and
  • various developments that are either completed or in the pipeline.
And by 2023, Telfair will have:
  • 40,000 residents;
  • 57,000 employees;
  • 7,900 students; and
  • 4 million shoppers every month.

That’s a lot of people! And Oficea is sparing no effort to make sure they have the best living and working conditions.

With the development of four LEED-certified buildings in Telfair, Oficea has recently added 3,000 sqm of high-quality, flexible ground-floor retail space and 17,000 sqm of office space to its portfolio.

A couple of doors from the shops, there are green office spaces with a modern and flexible design, coworking spaces and meeting rooms in the heart of Moka. Generous underground and ground-floor parking will also be available in the buildings and along La Promenade for direct access to the shops.

Overall, Oficea manages a portfolio of 33,000 sqm of high-end office space in Moka Smart City, positioning itself as a key property player in the region and more specifically in three of its most coveted neighbourhoods, Vivéa Business Park, Bagatelle Office Park and Telfair.

Retail space to rent in Telfair

Oficea’s promising vision for Telfair is yielding resounding success. Retailers, restaurant and bar owners have already been won over. So much so that there are only a few commercial spaces still up for grabs on the ground floor of these developments.

A leasing committee has been set up to choose the best projects to help build the Telfair of tomorrow. This committee screens the proposals submitted by retailers who are interested in renting space from Oficea and selects concepts that best align with the vision and ambition for the area.

More than just workspaces, you will find real workplaces in Telfair with a vibrant environment, a lively and dynamic setting and an innovative concept.

Be among the happy few to rent a commercial space in Telfair, the city centre of Moka Smart City, which teems with life and potential!

Finding the best commercial space in Moka Smart City

A prime spot for your commercial activity in Telfair City Centre.

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