Oficea has embraced the move to strike the balance between high-quality construction and low environmental
impact. We already have two LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green-certified buildings. All Oficea buildings are located in Moka Smart City, and our future office developments in Telfair and Vivéa will also be LEED-certified.

LEED certification benefits for tenants,
companies and the environment

Environmental benefits*:

34 % Lower

CO₂ emissions

25 % Less

Energy consumed

11 % Less

Water consumed

80 million tonnes

of waste diverted from landfills

25 % Less

energy on average used by LEED buildings compared to conventional buildings

*Re-Assessing Green Building Performance: A Post Occupancy
Evaluation of 22 GSA Buildings. Kim M. Fowler. Emily M. Rauch.
Jordan W. Henderson.

Energy efficiency:

  • Added comfort for employees
  • More ergonomic spaces
  • Substantial reduction of the building’s environmental footprint
  • Use of locally-sourced materials and reuse of surpluses

Reduced energy use and carbon emissions:

  • Expected water savings from LEED commercial buildings amounting to more than 7% of all non-residential water uses
  • Reduced waste sent to landfills
  • Fewer cars through efficient building locations and alternative transport options
  • Use of green materials

Health Benefits:

  • Healthier spaces with cleaner air, access to daylight and free from harmful chemicals found in paints and finishes
  • Reduced pollution: energy-efficient buildings help reduce pollution and improve outdoor air quality in major industrialised areas, making LEED a critical tool in reducing smog


LEED is a US green building certification program used worldwide. This certification can be applied to all building types, providing a framework for healthy, highly efficient and cost-effective green buildings. LEED is a globally recognised symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

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