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The traditional concept of the office is changing as people are looking for more than a workplace. Oficea is sensitive to the growing trend towards flex offices, which provide innovative, custom-fit and cost-effective solutions to help your business strive.

Oficea takes the boost in corporate demand for flexible office solutions very seriously. The market has been experiencing dynamic growth for several years and many start-ups and small- to medium-sized businesses have either decided or are considering switching – at least partially – to flexible spaces. Tenants are seeking shorter leases – months, weeks, or even on a day-to-day basis – rather than traditional long-term leases for office space.

COVID-19 and its aftermath could also be a game changer in the office space arena, significantly affecting tenant preferences. And even when the pandemic is over, companies will still be looking to save money and many people are really enjoying working from home. This could lead to a shift from the classic open-office to a flex-office approach with various types of working spaces or zones, which employees would choose according to the task at hand.

There are a number of reasons explaining the growing interest in flex spaces, including:

Increasingly flexible workforce

According to a report published by Regus in 2017, over 50% of workers report that they work outside the main office 2.5 days a week or more. The modern workforce is no longer static, with a rise in remote workers, which requires a variety of workplaces – rooms for meetings, lounge areas, temporary individual rooms, etc. Instead of having their own desk, office workers share a variety of ‘activity-based’ settings.

Changing space requirements

The way people work is changing and COVID-19 has accelerated the trend towards flexible working. Many companies won’t have a need for large office space; they might have downsized their teams or have some members of staff working remotely. They might also be looking to save on office rental costs. As they adjust to social distancing and changing physical space requirements, they may look for more flexible premises.

Reduction in sedentary behaviour

In a flex office, employees do not have personal work stations where they spend most of their time, but choose one according to their current work task. And as they are supposed to move between work stations, this might help reduce sedentary behaviour. It also breaks the monotony of work space for employees.

Adapting to the digital nomad lifestyle

As work becomes more digital and mobile, employers now want spaces which support more ‘nomadic’, group-based, flexible or remote styles of work. Millennials rate workplace flexibility with higher importance than every other generation. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and corporate workers whose positions don’t require a daily office presence have also discovered its benefits. Flex offices offer an array of amenities for digital nomads, allowing this working population to be more productive with its time.

Socialisation and networking

Flex offices are also excellent venues for networking, especially if you require the services of someone in a different field from yours. They bring tremendous networking opportunities and the professional at the desk next to yours could provide valuable services to help your business thrive.

The list of benefits is not exhaustive but ultimately, flex offices allow you to have a private office space without the hassles of a traditional office. Oficea will soon be providing comprehensive interior office fit-out services to help you get the most from your space and will certainly keep up with this trend.

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