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Choosing your ideal office location in Mauritius

Setting up a business venture involves a critical element: its location. The location you choose for your office will play a major role in the productivity of your employees and the growth of your business.

Here are the key factors that will guide you in choosing the ideal location for setting up your offices in Mauritius.

Mauritius, a strategic destination for foreign investors

→ Reliable high-speed internet connection

→ Easier mobility through road networks and public transport 

→ All daily conveniences nearby

→ Moka Smart City, a vibrant and pleasant work environment 

Mauritius, a strategic destination for foreign investors

Since independence, Mauritius has taken measures to support the establishment of foreign companies and investment.

There are plenty of economic opportunities in the country, mainly driven by a favourable tax system (with a maximum income tax and VAT rate of 15%) and a prime location in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is a strategic hub between Africa, India and Asia and the rest of the world, which makes trade and capital flows easier through port development and 43 double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAAs).

Moving to Mauritius will enable you to purchase commercial land in a smart city to develop your project (while being exempted from customs duties and VAT on construction equipment), obtain a residence permit and set up your business through a speedy and streamlined procedure.

You will enjoy a vibrant and stimulating working environment. Quality infrastructure with the latest technological advances and a highly skilled, bilingual local workforce are some of the country’s other advantages. In addition to a political and social stability, the island also offers a convenient time zone with the Far East and US markets.

The Mauritian government launched the Smart City Scheme: a new legal framework since 2015 based on the “Live – Work – Play” concept, available for international businesses and foreign investors. 

Moka has been certified since 2017 and is now the most developed Smart City in Mauritius. Investing in Moka means investing in qualitative and strategically positioned properties.

Reliable high-speed internet connection

Oficea’s offices have recently been equipped with redundant (also called ‘backup’) internet for seamless connection, even in the event of network disturbances.

Access to a reliable internet connection is a necessary condition when choosing an office in Mauritius. The businesses located on Oficea’s premises and in Moka Smart City have access to a high-speed network with fibre optic through the SAFE (South Africa-Far East) next-generation underground cabling system, which ensures a stable connection of the same standard as in European countries.

Through this initiative, Moka will become the region of the island with the best connection, which will be deployed in the business districts of Vivéa Business Park, Bagatelle Office Park and Telfair, the future city centre of the smart city. Working in Mauritius has never been so easy!

Easier mobility through road networks and public transport

Your offices must remain accessible to all your employees, regardless of their transport modes. 

You will enjoy a perfect geographical position when choosing Oficea’s offices in Moka. The city is located at the crossroads of the island’s main hotspots and is easily accessible through:

  • four major roads running through the city, including the island’s two motorways (M1 and M3);
  • bus stops at the entrance to each neighbourhood; and
  • ample parking space for employees and visitors.

Moka Smart City promotes green development and soft mobility, with plans to build a 10km promenade to connect the different neighbourhoods. Pedestrians, cycle and scooter users will also be able to travel from the Telfair area to L’Avenir in a pleasant and safe environment.

 All daily conveniences nearby

Proximity to everyday conveniences also contributes to a pleasant working environment. Whatever Oficea office space you choose, you will be located within less than a kilometre from:

  • Food outlets (snack bar, bistro, brasserie, bakery, etc.);
  • Retail outlets (supermarkets, shopping centres, boutiques, etc.);
  • Everyday conveniences (bank, post office, etc.);
  • Sports centres offering various activities (swimming, tennis, fitness, football, etc.);
  • Education hubs (26 private and public institutions, including a nursery offering childcare services with extended hours); and
  • A medical health hub with state-of-the-art healthcare services (Wellkin Hospital, Green Cross Laboratory, Moka Eye Hospital, pharmacy, etc.).

Moka Smart City, a vibrant and pleasant work environment

Driven by the desire to offer the best possible quality of life to residents and users, Moka is a vibrant smart city with 26,000 inhabitants and more than 1,500 businesses and 2,000 employees.

Oficea is an ENL group subsidiary that provides offices for rent combining comfort, modernity and sustainability. Located in the heart of well-travelled areas of the city, Oficea’s workplaces extend over several hectares, enabling businesses to expand their premises as they grow. With LEED-certified Grade A buildings, Oficea has plenty of green office space where professionals enjoy a quiet and serene work environment. Moka’s business parks offer stimulating places to work, whose attractiveness is enhanced by various social and cultural activities that contribute to the well-being of employees and users.

Due to its geographical, economic and tax advantages, Mauritius is a preferred destination for business. Book your office now in the heart of the most advanced smart city on the island!

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