Coworking Space and Hybrid Working Model: 2022 Office Trends

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Coworking Space and Hybrid Working Model: 2022 Office Trends

Oficea’s Asset and Property Manager, Christophe shares his thoughts on the emerging hybrid work model in the post-pandemic world and how the office property specialist is positioning its offering to ride the wave.
Coworking Places in Mauritius are in higher demand. Read further for 2022 Office Trends.

The rise of remote working in the wake of the health crisis is driving an increasing number of companies to downsize their office space. Are you facing such a situation? What are the reasons given by your tenants?

All our tenants have maintained their contracts with us and our current occupancy rate is 96%. However, we have had to analyse this new reality like all lessors and owners of rental business space. The lockdown has actually accelerated the trend among companies of all sizes to opt for remote working and flexi-time.

We expect that some companies will probably seek to reconsider the surface area that they are renting while keeping in mind the pivotal role of the workspace. With the shift towards a hybrid working model that combines remote and face-to-face work, there are two options: coworking and flexible work. While remote work has been well received by many companies, it is far from perfect for both employees and employers as it is not a substitute for human contact and engagement, which remain vital for team cohesion and collaboration. At Oficea, we are closely exploring the emerging dynamics in this market to better adapt our offers.

Is there a rise in the Coworking and Hybrid Work Model this year?

All studies show that the hybrid model combining near-your-home, coworking / remote and face-to-face work will lead to a new way of working. The office will be at the core of the social life of companies and the place for promoting employee engagement. The future of the office lies in flexibility and services, besides everything that tenants are looking for in a Grade A office in 2021, such as accessibility, connectivity and compliance with environmental standards.

Workspitality: What coworking and hybrid work models do you offer?

Unique office space in exclusive and well-connected settings!

In addition, Oficea provides its clients with a range of services tailored to their needs. These services will change to reflect the demands of our tenants. 

Through our workspitality concept, we give them the necessary flexibility, comfort and connectivity to help grow their business. This term inspired by hospitality encompasses a broad range of services that contribute to an enjoyable, friendly and above all, secure work environment for all employees.

To this end, we are led by values that prioritise the development of each person. Oficea offers a healthy and pleasant work ecosystem. Beyond coworking spaces and state-of-the-art meeting rooms, available through flexible rental, we are working on other services that will be announced in the coming months.

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Are all companies moving to a coworking or hybrid work model indiscriminately? Or is this only for a sector or depending on the size of the company?

Our observations suggest that many companies, regardless of their size or industry, are redesigning how they work. The hybrid model combining face-to-face and remote work is likely to be adopted by a growing number of organisations. Multiple companies are also using coworking spaces for their business development, sales, marketing or client success personnel.

With remote work becoming increasingly popular with employers and employees, how do you maintain companies’ interest in your office space?

Remote work was essential for many companies to maintain business continuity during lockdown. According to a recent survey by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and the French website, Cadremploi, 64% of global talent now prefer the hybrid model, which allows them to balance face-to-face and remote work. The study also shows that a majority of global talent want to spend more time in the office than at home; 41% of them want to work remotely up to two days a week. And a 100% remote work life appeals to only 24% of respondents.

We build on Oficea’s many strengths to meet the expectations of our tenants and prospects. These include the outstanding work environment provided by Moka Smart City and our “green by design” Grade A offices. Our buildings are ideally located in the city, with services such as quality sports facilities and shopping centres within easy reach. Our tenants will benefit from all future developments in Moka Smart City, as well as from the unique, dedicated services designed by our workspitality department.

 What are the Coworking Offers of Oficea?

Oficea Coworking offers include a multi-storey building with over 50 places in the heart of Mauritius, Moka Smart City. To view the current coworking offers, click here →

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