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Oficea Coworking, prime location and exceptional workplace

Work doesn’t have to be a boring routine you’re locked into.

Step up your work game by bringing your business to one of Oficea’s premium coworking spaces in the prestigious setting of Vivéa Business Park, in the heart of Moka Smart City. Whether you are a solopreneur, a freelancer or a start-up, you will experience the convenience and joy of popping in to a place that blends rich history with contemporary architecture anytime you need to get your work done.

Our bright, multifunctional spaces feature a variety of modern facilities including lounge settings, traditional desks and standing height tables for you to choose from. Close to all amenities and transport connections, they deliver just the right amount of accessibility and flexibility to give you the freedom to work according to your own rhythms. Embodying a unique personality and atmosphere, these highly functional and tech-enabled spaces designed for those who cannot afford to rent a traditional office are available at reasonable rates.

The atmosphere, quality, and vibe of our coworking spaces combine to create the perfect setting for interaction, collaboration and innovation. To deepen the community spirit, we also host occasional special activities like breakfasts and other exciting events.


More than 100 seats

coworking, meetings

3 meeting rooms

parking, coworking

50 parking spaces

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Want to join the Oficea Coworking community in the enchanting historical setting of Vivéa Business Park? There is nothing simpler: all you have to do is pick the membership plan that works best for you, and the rest comes easy.

A complete range of facilities and services

Coworking with Oficea will keep you focused on work while making meaningful connections and socialise in inspiring locations.

Quality, design and practicality perfectly blend into the integrated urban landscape of Moka Smart City to make you feel part of a thriving community of game changers.

In addition to our comfortable working areas, you will have access to full-service office facilities at affordable prices.

100 Mbps Wi-Fi

24/7 access

Ample parking spaces

Meeting rooms

Printers and scanners


Green pause areas

Cleaning service


Mess Area

Coffee, tea, water


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Our coworking experiences are designed to stimulate your creative mind and promote a strong sense of community.

Take back your freedom and ability to create your very own balance between work and private life, switching seamlessly between a conference call or client meeting and enjoying a good conversation over a hot cup of coffee.

We have the right solution to meet all your unique professional requirements in a welcoming setting that feels like home.

Working from home has its advantages for sure but not being able to have normal social interactions has started to take a toll on me. The whole process of getting to the office is unconsciously a great routine to get you focused.

- Hishaam Ibrahim

Very friendly community members who are passionate about bringing about innovations for good through technology. Armed with conference facilities and podcast rooms. Would highly recommend going there!

- Akshay PokhunRam

A safe working environment is vital during the current situation and it feels great to be able to resume work in Oficea coworking where the team has made sure that the work space remains clean with all sanitary measures.

- Sohashnee Kowal

I love the space and the people. My team at Lean Search enjoy the vibe of the shared office and the smart booking facilities!

- Noor Sheriff

Location Plan

We would love to have you visit us and take a tour of our inviting facilities and amenities at Oficea Coworking in the heart of Vivéa Business Park, Moka Smart City.

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