Commercial Space for Rent: Everything you need to know



Commercial Space for Rent: Everything you need to know

Are you looking for the right commercial space to rent in Mauritius? We provide you with the criteria to help you choose the best solution for your needs, the rental terms to pay attention to and the reasons why Moka Smart City is a strategic option to consider.

Important criteria to consider while choosing commercial space for rent in Mauritius

Committing to rent commercial space in Mauritius is never simple. Care should be taken to understand the dynamics of the location and its surroundings. It is not by chance that the choice of a location is a key point raised in preparing a business plan!

The key selection criteria are:

  • Accessibility: Is the place close to a major road, motorways and/or public transport?
  • Catchment area: Where do you expect your customers to come from? Does the location have good visibility and a good stream of leads into the area?
  • Layout options: Is there a back room or a storage area? If this space is also to be used as a private office, can you set up a meeting room? What are your specific needs for this work space?
  • Operating hours: Is the space part of a centre with limits on working hours? How flexible are they?
  • Parking facilities: an issue that is too often downplayed. However, having ample parking space near a location can have a considerable impact on the number of visitors.

What makes Moka the best place to rent commercial space in Mauritius?

Moka is probably the Mauritian city with the most significant injection of modernity and dynamism in recent years. With 26,000 inhabitants, 1,500 businesses and various developments completed or underway, Moka addresses directly and positively each of these issues when choosing a commercial space for rent.

Moka enjoys close proximity to the M1 and M3 motorways and sits next to the Saint Pierre Bypass Road and A7 Road. In addition, regular public transport service is available. Discussions are also underway for setting up a Metro Express station there. Moka is ideally located with a growing catchment area that extends to the whole island.

Oficea, the leading rental player in the Moka region

With a portfolio of 33,000m² of upscale office space, Oficea has become a key property player in Moka. This ENL group subsidiary has offices in three sought-after areas of the region: Vivéa Business Park, Bagatelle Office Park and Telfair, the city centre of Moka.

The latter’s ambitions are set to elevate Oficea’s to the next level. By 2023, Telfair is expected to accommodate:

  • 40,000 residents;
  • 57,000 employees;
  • 7,900 students; and
  • 1.4 million shoppers every month.

What better place therefore to offer 17,000m² of office space? This Oficea development recently broke ground in Telfair and already has many key strengths including:

  • 3,000m² of modular ground-floor retail space;
  • a prime location along La Promenade, a large pedestrian avenue running through Moka;
  • a common tenant marketing fund for their businesses promotion by Oficea;
  • 746 parking spaces, a ratio higher than national standards;
  • Complimentary daily classes, entertainment and cultural activities at the Telfair Amphitheatre;
  • a very attractive pedestrian area with all daily conveniences; and
  • the construction of four LEED-certified buildings over time.

In other words, Telfair has managed to strike the right balance between retail and office spaces, restaurants and cafés, bars and social events. It is thus quite natural that Oficea has rolled out one of its most visionary developments there.

What are the conditions for renting commercial spaces in Mauritius?

Commercial space rental involves the signing of a lease agreement between the owner of the premises and the tenant. This legal document must clearly specify:

  • the identity of both parties: the lessor and lessee;
  • the type of commercial or handicraft activity carried out;
  • a description of the premises with the list of areas and annexes;
  • the basic amount of the rent;
  • the distribution of charges ;
  • the rental payment terms;
  • the insurance and scope of coverage;
  • the lease term;
  • the contract termination conditions; and
  • the right to renew the lease.

Finding the best commercial space in Moka Smart City

Be the first to secure commercial space for rent in Telfair, Moka, in the heart of a vibrant smart city with exciting potential!

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