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Gone are the days when the workplace was simply a place to do work. Today, the concept of the workplace has evolved to include a range of value-added services and amenities designed to enhance the overall work experience. This trend, known as Workspitality, is changing the way we think about the workplace and what it can offer.

In this article, we will explore what Workspitality is, the benefits it offers, and how it is transforming the workplace.

What is workspitality?

Workspitality is a new concept in the world of work, which involves bringing hospitality to the workplace. It integrates a range of value-added services and offers a hotel-like experience in a professional setting. This concept is designed to create a comfortable and convenient environment that promotes productivity and well-being. 

What are the benefits of Oficea workspitality?

At Oficea, we understand the importance of workspitality in creating a great place to work. That’s why we have developed a unique range of hotel-inspired services that cater to the needs of our tenants in the different Business Parks. Our workspitality team takes care of developing a unique range of services, including: 

  • A concierge service 
  • Gym and Cloakroom in Vivéa business park 
  • Inspiring meeting rooms for ideation and teamwork 
  • A range of common areas such as lounges and recreational spaces including pétanque, table football, and carrom 
  • Food markets, Christmas markets, afterwork events, concerts, tenants’ breakfast, and more 
  • A diverse range of food and beverage options, including Zakadi Restaurant, Kuumba Coffee, Mokaray, and more 
  • Fitness facilities with 20% off on the joining fee and monthly payment with all access to activities at Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute 
  • Ti Pouce Nursery with priority list upon registration 
  • 15% discount on rental of La Piazza, a 3300 sqm space for corporate events 
  • The benefits of workspitality are many. Oficea has created a caring, approachable, and interactive work environment that is carefully curated to meet the needs of its tenants. By doing this, they are able to foster a sense of community within their business parks, creating a great place for employees to work, socialize, and relax. 

How is workspitality changing the workplace?

Workspitality is changing the workplace in numerous ways, creating a more fulfilling work-life balance for employees. These services can be available closer to the workplace, providing employees with more time to relax and enjoy their time at the office. 

At Oficea, we have integrated new facilities and services that are closer to the workplace, including our new concierge and gym service. Some of the services available include: 

  • Seamstress 
  • Shoe repair 
  • Beautician, masseur, and hairdresser (by appointment) 
  • Car wash 
  • On-order options such as a florist, vegetable basket, and lunch (option plat du jour) 
  • Gym and Cloakroom 

In conclusion, workspitality is a revolutionary concept that has changed the way businesses approach the work environment. By providing employees with a comfortable and convenient space, companies like Oficea are creating a better work-life balance for their tenants, and fostering a sense of community in the workplace. With a range of services and facilities that cater to the needs of employees, workspitality is set to become a vital part of any modern workplace. 

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