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As of the latest available data, every year, approximately 17 billion batteries are manufactured globally, and an estimated 22 billion one-cup coffee pods are consumed. Additionally, there are over 15 billion light bulbs in the world. In 2022, out of the approximately 55 million tonnes of e-waste generated globally, around 4 million tonnes consisted of small IT gadgets. These figures underscore the urgency of addressing consumption patterns and waste management practices, particularly in light of the imperative to limit global warming to 1.5°C by 2030 to reduce the worst impacts of climate change.

Responsible environmental practices

Recognizing the significance of every small action, Oficea has taken a proactive step by introducing waste sorting containers since 2021 in the common areas of all its office buildings at Bagatelle Office Park, Telfair, and Vivéa Business Park.

There is a container for each category of waste from batteries to small IT items, which can contain harmful substances that may be detrimental to human health and the environment if they are not properly stored or disposed of. The design is both sleek and functional for easy sorting.

“We are providing these containers to promote responsible environmental practices that are consistent with our business ethos and raise the involvement of our tenants in waste sorting actions,” says Stéphanie Ceffis, Workspitality Manager at Oficea.

Collection is carried out once a month by Green Impact, which operates in the environmental and sustainable development sector. The company is mainly involved in domestic recyclable waste collection and has teamed up with Oficea to implement this environmentally friendly solution. This initiative aims at encouraging our tenants to sort their waste.

In 2023, 14,241 kg of waste was recycled
via our sorting bins

Sustainable Construction: Waste Management & Recycling

Opting for LEED certification during our construction project for Telfair offices in 2023 significantly improved waste management and recycling practices?

According to Oficea’s mid-year waste statistics from that year, we achieved remarkable results. We diverted 76% of waste (recycled or re-used) for buildings and ensured that 100% of waste from landfills for infrastructure was minimized.

These figures reflect our steadfast commitment to sustainable construction practices and demonstrate the positive impact of integrating eco-conscious measures into our projects.”

LEED Certified Buildings

Les Fascines achieved LEED certification in December 2023, marking a big step in our commitment to sustainability. This certification was awarded after careful evaluation of the building’s environmental performance post-construction. It’s a significant milestone as we continue to build a greener future, one LEED-certified project at a time!

Oficea is committed to pursue its quest to have most of its building assets LEED Certified. In Telfair for example, we are nearing the completion of four new buildings ready for this prestigious certification.

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