What are the requirements to lease a commercial space in Mauritius?

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You are an entrepreneur looking for commercial space to rent in Mauritius and are wondering what conditions apply? This article is just what you are looking for! Follow the guide.

Who is a commercial lease for?

First of all, it is good to know that for a space to be classified as ‘commercial’, the owners must have registered it as such with the relevant authorities. Once this condition is met, the rental is then subject to a commercial lease.

Unlike a professional lease, which is intended for liberal professions, this category is intended for professionals engaged in a commercial or craft activity.

#1 What should a commercial lease agreement include?

For any commercial lease, a lease agreement must be signed between the owner and the tenant. This document legally defines the terms of the agreement that is reached. As such, it must clearly state:

  • the identity of both parties, the landlord and the tenant;
  • the type of commercial or craft activity carried out;
  • a description of the premises with the list of areas and annexes;
  • the basic rent amount;
  • the allocation of expenses;
  • the rent payment terms;
  • the insurance cover and what is included or not;
  • the lease term;
  • the conditions for terminating the contract; and
  • the right to renew the lease.

A key tip is to get started early because it can take a little time to finalise such a contract. The time frame varies depending on how quickly the due diligence process – the investigation phase that occurs prior to any signing – is completed.

#2 What does my commercial rent include?

Know more, save more. As an entrepreneur, it is important to cut hidden costs to stay in control of your finances! To avoid any unpleasant surprises, always ask what is included (or not) in your rent.

At Oficea, an ENL group subsidiary, the rent for the various commercial spaces available is calculated according to the inside and outside (covered and uncovered terrace) areas used.

The following operating expenses are included:

  • security services;
  • maintenance of common areas;
  • maintenance of the facade and building; and
  • landscaping of green areas, among others.

For common areas, the following expenses are excluded:

  • water;
  • electricity;
  • wastewater treatment; and
  • waste management, among others.

#3 Finding a commercial space for rent in Telfair

The city centre of Moka is inspired by major international centres with a mix of office space for rent, coworking spaces, a university, residential developments, retail and restaurant businesses in one place.

At the heart of this dynamic setting, Oficea has at least 3,000 sqm of modular ground-floor commercial space with multiple advantages, such as:

  • dedicated delivery areas;
  • elegant signage for your business facade;
  • a prime location along La Promenade, the large pedestrian avenue that runs through the city, promising to make it a destination that is always lively;
  • a guaranteed footfall through an attractive pedestrian area;
  • large 5-metre sidewalks to comfortably accommodate all users;
  • room on the sidewalks for large outdoor tables and chairs; and
  • 764 parking spaces (349 underground).

#4 Proposal Requirements for Leasing Commercial Space in Telfair.

Oficea uses its innovative concepts to create value for Moka Smart City, with the ambition to introduce a whole new lifestyle in Telfair. Today’s generations have historically inherited our country’s major cities and their urban facilities. Creating a city centre like Telfair is a first in Mauritius!

Oficea contributes to this by looking for trendy and innovative retail concepts specialising among others in:

  • food and beverages: from cafés to family-friendly restaurants and pubs, street food stands or fancy restaurants for dinner;
  • arts and culture: bookstores, galleries and places of musical discovery; and
  • local shops: bakeries, wine shops, pharmacies, butcher shops and post office.

The requirements for proposal submission are:

  1. presenting a concept that stands out as an attractive destination for an exceptional experience in Telfair;
  2. a solid and sustainable business plan describing the type of products, average spend and opening hours, among others; and
  3. a financial forecast showing that you are capable of being part of a rapidly developing city centre that will grow in the next decade.

A leasing committee – made up of experts, supported by international consultants – has been set up to examine the various applications.

The launch of commercial activities in Telfair is scheduled for 2024 and there is growing interest for leasing commercial space in the area.

If you have an inspiring project and want to be part of the adventure, get in touch with our team. 

#5 Facilities available in the region of Telfair

 Telfair is within five minutes’ access to Ebene and Bagatelle! Additionally, the city centre will be even accessible with its metro station. Its strategic location in Moka provides direct access to the M1 and M2 motorways, and easy access to the Saint Pierre Bypass Road and the A7 road. A regular public transport service is also available.

Moreover, the proximity to everyday conveniences helps create a pleasant and promising working environment for business operators. Regardless of the location you choose, you will generally be within less than one kilometre from:

–     daily conveniences (bank, ATMs, post office, etc.);

–     sports centres (swimming, tennis, fitness, football, etc.);

–     education hubs (26 private and public institutions, including a nursery providing extended-hours childcare); and

–     a medical hub with state-of-the-art services (Wellkin Hospital, Green Cross Laboratory, Moka Eye Hospital, pharmacy, etc.).

Add to this, of course, the food service and retail spaces that your presence will help to create.

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