Reasons to invest in a Smart City in Mauritius

Reasons to invest in a Smart City in Mauritius

The Smart City Scheme was launched by the Government of Mauritius in 2015 to set up new and intelligent urban ecosystems across Mauritius in the form of mixed-use developments integrating office, business, residential and leisure components.

A Smart City can be described as: a concept of urban development focused on improving the quality of life of dwellers by making the city more attractive, adaptable, efficient and resilient to change, using new technologies that rely on an ecosystem of objects and services. To date, Moka Smart City is the most advanced Smart City in Mauritius.

The Smart City Scheme

The guarantee of developing your project in a well-planned, sustainable and high-standard neighbourhood

The opportunity for foreign companies to acquire land under the Smart City Scheme to develop projects and their key components

Any person or entity, including foreign companies and trusts, can acquire residential units in a smart city

Any non-citizen purchasing a residential property worth at least USD 500K under the scheme is eligible to apply for a residence permit for himself and his family

Full recovery of VAT on capital goods (building, structure, plant, machinery or equipment)

Exemption of customs duty on import or purchase of any dutiable goods, other than furniture, to be used in infrastructure work and building construction within the scheme

An 8-year tax holiday for real estate development companies

Accelerated annual allowance granted at a rate of 50% of the costs in respect of capital expenditure incurred by any company operating within the Smart City Scheme on energy-efficient equipment and green technology