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Work in Moka

Enjoying the small pleasures of office life

When it comes down to choosing between working from home and from an office, it is ultimately a matter of where you feel most comfortable, motivated and productive. Oficea continues to redefine workplaces in order to offer the ideal solution to this dilemma by creating the right environment for your working needs.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home has become an integral part of people’s lives. Working outside the traditional office setting definitely brings with it certain benefits, like having a flexible schedule, saving hours of commuting, avoiding crowds and traffic as well as spending more time with your loved ones.

While this work arrangement has been accepted by many as the “new normal”, there are also many reasons why nothing can replace the office environment.

Since moving back to the office, many of us have realised the true value of face-to-face interaction with team members and colleagues. Actually, according to the 2020 Gensler U.S. Work from Home Survey, the main reason people want to get back to the office is to interact with others.

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Social interaction remains one of the big advantages of working at the office. Working at your desk surrounded by co-workers is undeniably an amazing experience with the possibility of exchanging ideas with others and gathering instant feedback. Videoconferencing can’t be a perfect replacement to the camaraderie of an office – and communicating with real people live or talking to them on a coffee break!

Besides the personal contact with others, there are obvious advantages to working from the office, particularly for younger workers, such as mentoring and training opportunities, leadership development, and social connections.

Additionally, a well-designed, well-equipped and comfortable workplace like those provided by Oficea in Moka Smart City has a significant impact on productivity and efficiency. The modern, flexible offices with high-speed internet and all the necessary facilities within its portfolio are filled with natural light and set in green surroundings, creating an outstanding working atmosphere.

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Working from home has also blurred the boundary between work and personal life. Not everyone is happy with this state of affairs, some struggle with the anxiety of not being able to manage their time properly while others have issues with self-discipline and work planning. If you live with other people – housemates, partners or families – and pets, there is plenty of potential to be distracted, even disoriented too. When working at the office, the time spent on professional activities is clearly defined.

Moreover, new trends have led to profound transformations in the workplace landscape; coworking is increasingly popular and seems to be the future of work. Tapping on these trends, Oficea has taken over since July 2020 management of the coworking platform provided by the ENL Group’s start-up incubator and accelerator, the Turbine.