Work in Moka

Get your meal delivered to your office in Moka!

Given the wide and varied choice of restaurants and other eateries available in Moka Smart City, business owners and people working in the area are sure to find something to suit their appetite without having to leave their workstation.

Are you bored of taking your own food in to work every day? Are you going crazy eating the same thing over and over again? Do you want to enjoy a special food-at-work experience with your colleagues? Are you a fast-paced professional who can’t even take time out of the office to grab a quick meal? Or are you looking for a solution for your company’s executive meals, high-profile meetings or company events?

Regardless of the current worldwide situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, food delivery is a fast-evolving and enduring trend – according to a McKinsey report, 16% of food orders globally are made from workplaces. For office workers, it has become an attractive option that enables them to enjoy convenient, high-quality meals.

food delivery

A variety of food and flavours

Depending on what you’re after, you have the choice between ordering directly free of charge or against a fee, or through dedicated platforms at an additional charge. The rates may of course vary according to the eatery and/or service provider.

Within close proximity to the city’s business hubs, there are some nice eateries like L’Ardoise at Les Allées or Le Petit Bistro at Railway Square. You can also order your meal from StarDeg, Greedy Dragon or Galito’s at Kendra shopping centre.

bagatelle mall, food delivery

There are many other food outlets available at Bagatelle Mall. Some offer delivery to your office against a fee, including Savinia Bistrot, Panarottis and Sitar. Others like Spur, Ocean Basket or Mugg & Bean do not operate a delivery service but you can still place your order online, call a dedicated platform or use the mobile apps provided by some of them.

The number of providers in the field has grown significantly in recent months and they let you order food from a large variety of restaurants across the island – even those that otherwise would not have provided delivery services. Among the options available are:, Dial A Delivery, Fudz Delivery, Hungrydodo, Delivery Dodo and Juju Delivery. They typically charge a fee for the service.

No shortage of options

There are lots of other interesting places like SushiMe in Ebene, Opium Restaurant in Reduit, Chez Pepe Valetta The Green Lagoon Restaurant, Bistrot Barbu in Curepipe, The Lunch Box in Quatre Bornes or Ze Tacos in Port Louis, to name but a few.

You will face no shortage of options and it really depends on what you feel like eating. Whether you are looking to satisfy a craving for Chinese, Indian, French, Italian or Mauritian cuisine, there is a variety of food and flavours to cater to taste buds in and around Moka Smart City. Ordering and having your meal delivered – almost – to your desk is generally easy and convenient.

And whatever you ultimately decide upon, working always tastes better when your stomach is full!